Kharma in discourse?

I would like to add kharma for user and for post.

Will it be a feature ?

I have a kharma (notation ) system in mind , is there a way to add links automatically on any user post ?

Regards and thanks

Could you elaborate on the system you have in mind? This is most likely plugin territory though. We’re quite wary of “reputation” features:

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I 've in mind a system based on trueskill from microsoft ( may be overkill).

Each post and user have kharma.

Each post have a score , when someone or you upvote or score it’s kind of you made a match against the post but you loose (but you don’t loose score only the post get score).

And when you upvote a post it’s also like you make a match against the post creator and loose (but again you don"t loose point only the creator get point).

The inverse for downvote a post.

And also the thing is that at a fixed interval everyone (except post) will loose kharma. (ex 10% per week of your total) so it will avoid that someone will sit on a pile of gold.

It’s why i have in mind.
Thanks for your time and effectively that would be a plugin territory.
I may dig in this way.