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I have seen some forums using custom designs on the landing page of their discourse forum. Can this be achieved without a need to change code in discourse github.

I want to add a banner image and some text above latest topics list of the landing page.

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Yes, we strongly recommend against changing Discourse’s source as it makes upgrades much more difficult and prone to breaking. Themes, theme components, and plugins should be utilized instead.

There are some existing #theme-component that may work, or can at least serve as examples if you want to develop your own.

Versatile Banner might work for you as-is or with some minor adjustment.

Showcased Categories Theme Component is a good general example of how to show custom content on the homepage.


The fastest way is to go inside your admin area > Customize tab > click on your theme’s name > Edit CSS/HTML > After Header tab and there you can paste your HTML code. This is the area:



We only use some plugins and CSS on Blender Artists, no custom HTML.


Great !!! Could you suggest some of the plugins that you are using.

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Highly recommend Versatile Banner, it’s extremely simple, easy to use, and fairly flexible.

I only used it on a small side project of mine for an investing forum site, but so far like the results.

I paired it with a linked component to create area/zone links around each of the 3 categories, works well. Just had to create a new component, insert code into the Header, and done.


The most important one for us is Topic List Previews - it handles the featured images row at the top of the page and our galleries etc.


Howdy @awesomerobot :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Our team launched a new home page yesterday to better direct our community to resolutions (, however in order to have a fully custom home page we had to switch our Discourse instance to

We were wondering if there’s any way to upload a completely custom home page experience because we’d much rather this all live within one subdomain. Thank you so much for your help! :pray:

It is possible, but can be a little complex depending on what you’re trying to do. The way we most often approach this is by overriding the template for the default category page in a theme (category boxes with subcategories in your case)… and then setting that as the homepage (controlled by top_menu in Discourse’s admin settings). That template is discourse/categories-boxes.hbs at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Template overrides are covered in the advanced section of Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes


Thank you so much, @awesomerobot!!! We’re going to explore this option and super appreciate your response, Kris :pray: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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