Discourse Theme Creation

Hi there,

I’m a young newbie with the Discourse tool.
My company wanted a community platform for so long long… but just didn’t how to realize it.
After few researches I found out that Discourse could be exactly what we need.
So I started to learn more about the solution, what’s possible with.
And then I created a theme.

At first, I’m a full-stack developper. Nowadays I’m studying communication, marketing and design. All those subject are dedicated to the web. I’m really found of drawing (check out my instagram page if you want) too. So I’m a man divided between technicals and creatives issues.

There is my point : the theme edition is really cool, but not enough for me.
When I was thinking about my theme, I was seeing an animation in order to welcome the arrival of my users on the platform. But it seems impossible isn’t it ? I can’t succeed to work any JavaScript animation, catching the url of the homepage. I would like to put a banner on my homepage too, without apply it to all my forum. I would like to import local images into my HTML…

(By the way if you have the solution to the above problems I’ll be gratefull !!)

So here we are : What are you planning for the future about the theme editor ? Are you even thinking about the above points, or is it a wish of the team to not allow this kind of customisation ?

Maybe I’ve just don’t rode the right topics yet. Maybe there are many peoples that ask and answer before this topic. If it’s the case, thank you to mentionned the discussion in the commentary it will be a pleasure to read everthing about it.

Thank you for reading ! :sunglasses:

I personally don’t like unnecessary animations but It shall be possible given that discourse itself gives a quick tutorial to those who are starting new ala discobot.

About the banner, there are theme components which allow you to create/modify a banner on top of your forum to your liking.
e.g. :Versatile Banner

about themes, I think They are very flexible as they are (we are allowed to hack css & html the way we like)


Ok ! I understand what you said !

I agree that is it awesome to be able to hack anything with the html/css access.

I think that you answer all my questions : I’m maybe not aware about “theme components”.
I’ll will work on that topic !

Thank you @itsbhanusharma !

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As far as I know all of these should already be possible. If I were you I’d look into the functionality and code of existing themes and theme components in #theme.


I agree.
Look into the code of already existing theme or theme component could help me to learn a lot about Discourse possibilities !

Thank you for the advice !

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