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I don’t know how to do this. I searched a lot but couldn’t find it. >> Discourse Forum >> I did this. >> HTML CSS JS Landing Page >> I don’t know how to do this.

My knowledge of Ngix and docker is limited. I’m waiting for your help.


Are you asking for support for something that is outside of Discourse? Your question is a little unclear. Can you elaborate?


The recommended solution is typically to make your landing page on another server (and use www subdomain). If you want to run both on the same server you can look at Set up Discourse on a server with existing Apache sites. There is a similar topic for nginx. Both assume that you know how to create your html landing page.


Thank you for your help, sir.


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In fact, a second server can be costly. So I am looking for a different solution.

Is it possible for me to implement a solution like the example below?

Could you detail what would be the purpose of this page, and what it would contain? You mention an HTML page, so it would be static, which can make things easier…

You could have a look at Page Publishing, or make use of CSS to remove unused elements from a page to make it appear as different from your Discourse forum, for example based on this: Page Publishing - #145 by denvergeeks


I can share a static html page as an example.

I want to add a page like this. This is my aim. Some html, some css, some js. That’s all.


Though you could find some workarounds like my examples to have a page that differs from your Discourse’s appearance, making it look like it doesn’t belong to Discourse, the JS part would be tricky.

I think the most proper way would be either to have a web server along Discourse on your server. There’s documentation about this:

Or to host your website on a different server, which is much easier. A low-specs, cheap one would perfectly do the job.

You can find such hosting plans at about 2$/month. You can even have a free 100 MB plan on OVH, but I think the domain must be registered on their site.

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