Large no of rows post_timings table

Hello Guys,

After running Discourse forum, records in the post_timings table has grown to much. Now there are 13,373,115 rows in this table. Can we clear this table?


Why do you want to clear the post_timings table? Are you experiencing any performance issues?

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I didn’t check yet the performance yet but i was expecting that large no of records will definitely hit the performance when other tables join this. What are your thoughts?

If you clear that table Discourse will lose track of what people have read. The table is indexed and you shouldn’t have any problems with the way Discourse accesses it. I just looked at one of the sites we host which has 93M records in there and it’s still going smoothly.

For the record, we vastly prefer it when people come showing an example of how something is a problem. Theoretical issues can’t be fixed.


@eviltrout Thank you so much for detail reply. I agreed with your opinion about fixing the issue. Our records has increased to 13.4 millions.

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