Lefthook support

Hello, guys. Lefthook was merged in dev environment. I’m author so that I can help with any question about it. If anyone faced with issues or wants a feature, let me know :slight_smile:


Welcome, @Arkweid! Can you say more about what Lefthook is and why we’d want to know more about it? Maybe a link to it and a use case?


I used it for the first time today, and it’s great that I had to do zero setup in my machine for it.

Thanks for the pull request!

There is context here:



Here is a repo.
Lefthook is a Git hooks manager. It written in Go, so it just a single binary without dependencies and you can use it in any type of project(Rust, Erlang, Java anything you want).

Addtional features you may be interested in Discourse context:
Run script files - Lefthook can run not only oneline commands. Here example how to check commit header and decline it if pattern not matched. No fix bug commits anymore! :slight_smile:
Integrate with crystalball - it always nice to run rspec tests only for changed code. It easy with Lefthook.


Guide about have to use Lefthook + Crystallball.
If someone are tired of waiting rspec for 10 minutes and want to run actual tests for changed code :slight_smile: