Lessons from Colossal Caves

So by analogy there might have been 392 reactions in an hour whereas there have been 12,000 likes in a millennium? Or another way you can’t see from the statistics the rate of adoption.

That raises another question for me. The discourse forum I use most does not publish or expose any of the stats from the admin panel.
Thus community members are disenfranchised from caring for the health of the community while at the same time they’re investing effort into something that only has a return if the community is healthy

Investment of effort with only a speculative grasp on return maybe makes membership equivalent to visiting a casino or partaking in spread bets or equiv

Maybe this is a subliminal factor in the amount of effort that folk are willing to invest at various stages of community formation and their individual journey?
I do think aggregate investment is -a- determinate of probability of vibrancy/ critical mass