Notice: testing Discourse Reactions here on meta for 1 week!

Discourse reactions is a plugin that allows you to express sentiments other than the built-in like :heart:.

Hover over (or tap) the like button to see the additional reactions, which are configurable as any emoji, but will be the default set on meta:

To gather additional community feedback, We have temporarily enabled this plugin here on meta for testing for one week.

After that week, all the reactions will be hard-deleted and only likes will remain. Enjoy and have fun – feedback can be gathered in this pinned topic.


It’s not that obvious how to do anything apart from :heart: on mobile (I know you hold down the heart icon).

The instinctive reaction is to expect the other set of emojis to be what to press to add your own.


I would argue that… you did find it :smiley:

Also yes it’s a tradeoff between being easy to do and being as close as possible to the classic Discourse behaviour of likes.


It’s working the same way as on Facebook’s mobile app. Thus, I assume >90% can grasp the concept pretty fast. They will see more is possible by the reaction icons displayed for the post.


The reactions seem to cause a lot of lag. Is it just me?

Regardless, I love the reactions so far. Having them as a plugin is nice, but maybe they should be a part of vanilla Discourse (or is revamping the like system too complicated?). :slight_smile:


I probably would have found it, but remembered reading about it on a previous post. So I’m not in a good position to judge how easy it is.


On Facebook the collection of emojis does different things:

  1. On your timeline if you click there it shows each emoji for you to click one of them.

  2. When viewing a single post if you click there it shows how many of each have been used already.

It also has the Like icon which works like the heart icon on Discourse now.


This position shift is a little weird after the emoji is added to the left, is there a way to avoid it?


Yes we can improve, it’s more or less a worst case :stuck_out_tongue: We have been quite low tech for now on how to fake instantness.

@Ahmed_Gagan we should try to at least do some random sorting client side to mimic what we do server side to limit the chance something we would place last will actually be second. And also maybe some basic math on count, it won’t solve everything (most notably multiple concurrent reactions).

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Sure, i’ll take a look at it


These are great. And you guys should seriously think about adding on some search or sorting feature inside a topic to be able to identify the posts to which people reacted the most (more positive, more negative, more surprised and so on).


I love the table view :+1:t2:

To what end? Is this plugin going to be merged to core? :thinking:


That is not planned at the moment.


I noticed that too, but — once you click on the existing things and it shows you who said what, it’s really easy to make the jump to the heart outline. I think it basically explains itself.


One thing I would suggest is to not have thumbs down in the default reaction set. If people don’t like a post, they can just not react. I think Facebook really (I know, these are strange words, but hear me out) got this right.


Our current default reaction set is:

To be honest I dislike thumbsup / down anyway cause tumbsup clashes with like. I support removing the 2 reactions from the default set.


@joffreyjaffeux how do you feel about adding the :hugs: to the default set and removing thumbs up / down? I think it is a nicer default.


This is fantastic! Definitely brings room to more diverse reactions and emotion towards posts. I have two questions:

  • Will non-like reactions count towards badge progress or TL?
  • Will this available to use in the Business Plan? Or just enterprise?

Yes fine with me, not super happy of defauts too. Will make the change today.


I am a strong supporter of having up/down available (even if not in default). For communities that work using group-decision-making, it can be a fast informal way to get input without needing to make a poll explicitly. Nice plugin!