Lighthouse accessibility audit issues

I’m totally willing to fix any accessibility issues that come up, are you discovering these through the Lighthouse audit built-in to Chrome, something else?



Yes I am using the google lighthouse audit.

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Split this into its own topic to dig into the issues a bit more. Starting with the…

Topic list

Outside of contrast, which for now is fixable with CSS… there are 2 issues:

  1. This first one with the list items seems to be a bug with the auditor, or maybe a quirk with how the auditor is seeing how our page renders? These list items are definitely contained.

    :male_detective: :mag_right:

  1. The second issue is [aria-*] attributes do not have valid values. This is specifically calling out our category and tag dropdowns… the issue here seems to be aria-haspopup. According to the example here Navigation Menu Button Example | WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1 we should have aria-haspopup="true" instead of just aria-haspopup

    Looks like we weren’t passing true as a string, I fixed that here:



One issue (aside from contrast and the previously mentioned li non-issue)

Links do not have a discernible name

Link text (and alternate text for images, when used as links) that is discernible, unique, and focusable improves the navigation experience for screen reader users. Learn more.

Two occurrences:

  1. Each post gets an a.tabLoc element with no dimensions. These appear to be for navigating posts with the keyboard? Hidden with aria-hidden: true because they’re useless to screen readers.

  2. The envelope icon used to denote when a topic is a personal message also links to your PM inbox, and we were loading that link for all topics… even if they aren’t PMs. I made that link conditional to PMs, and also added a title attribute and aria-label. and