Link from inside the topic to itself

Hi, in topics, the title refers to itself, which prevents it from being copied by inexperienced users and does not make any sense in fact, tell me, please, is there any setting to disable it? Thanks.

What behaviour are you trying to disable?

I would like the topic title to be plain text instead of a link.

It’s a link to itself as it’s a shortcut to be able to return to the top of the topic. This behavior is not likely to be changed, ever.

Inexperienced users want to copy the name of the title? To what end?


The topic title may contain some words or whole phrases (not necessarily the entire topic) that the user would like to Google, for example, and you never know what the user may have needs, forcing them to reprint the entire text is excessive, imho)
Just try copying the title yourself a few times to understand how inconvenient it is.

Try going to the bottom of an even mildly long Topic on eg mobile and manually scrolling to the top.

Then try the same but instead of scrolling try hitting the title.


I think we get your point but the overriding usefulness of it being a link is for quick navigation to the OP.

Going back to the beginning of the topic using a link is very convenient, this is understandable, but if you look at the code, you will see that these are two different links. Therefore, removing one of them, besides the one that does not help to return to the beginning of the topic (because it is visible only at the beginning of the topic), will not break anything.

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I think adding this CSS to your theme should give you the result you’re after

.title-wrapper .fancy-title {
  pointer-events: none;

And I am very grateful to you for this) Thanx!


I’m coming back to eat humble pie. I found myself twice yesterday trying to copy the title of Topics on one of my forums to google the words, so thanks for bringing this up John and thanks for the simple solution Johani!

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