Link header anchors from unicode to latin?

I found that anchors create links like this

## h2 Tiêu đề

Anchor link created:

<a name="h2-tiu-1" class="anchor" href="#h2-tiu-1"></a>h2 Tiêu đề</h2>

Mean: h2 Tiêu đềh2-tiu-1

So how to: h2 Tiêu đềh2-tieu-de-1
(Like conversion of permalink)
h2 Tiêu đềh2-tieu-de-1
The best is: h2 Tiêu đềh2-tieu-de (do not add numbers)
Another problem, anchor links add numbers automatically. For example, there are 3 anchor headers as follows:


You post the link at another post:

Then, editing the post and inserting another header h-link-d between the existing headers 1 and 2, the result:


Previously sent anchor headers are invalidated. The actual link is now
And the jumps in your post are all changed if the link goes to the anchor link