Link interception issues with subfolder setup?

Hopefully this helps anyone running into a similar problem. Our subfolder/reverse proxy site involved some custom markup (header/footer/etc) where we have links to other sites on the same domain (behind the same reverse proxy). We ran into some link interception issues where if a user clicked they were taken to

This modification solved it for us:

var DiscourseURL = require('discourse/lib/url').default;

  routeTo: function(path, opts) {

    if ( ! this.isInternal(path) ) {
      window.location = path;

    return this._super(path, opts);


@neil is this an open bug on tudiabetes?

@sam TuDiabetes decided not to use a subfolder setup anymore and have moved to a subdomain.


I am not seeing this issue on which is a forum we host. The custom header links just fine to other parts of the domain.

Can you still repro this @rohmann?

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