Link replies without replying

(Aarskin) #1

There are situations where it would be beneficial to link an existing topic to a new one without replying, however, I don’t know how to do this.The result is that people are linking topics together by replying with a link to the topic, only then does the topic appear on the sidebar.

In other words:

I posted a topic - New Dev Required Reading - and want to have related links show up to the right of the topic.

A fellow dev wanted to link an existing topic, so he replied with

But this only brings the related link in on the reply itself, and not the original topic.

Is there a way to add the link on the right without adding an entire reply to the topic?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

No, the only way to link two topics is to include a link in a reply.

Links are bidirectional, though, which means on the other side (the receiving side) it will look like there is a magical link since the link is coming “from” the other topic. So you can kind of do this by putting the link in the other topic, but it’d still be … wait for it … a link in a reply to a topic, somewhere.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

If I follow a a linkback to a post, I feel disoriented if I can’t find the outgoing link in the body of the post that I was just directed to. How is this post linking to that other one if there’s no link? :confused:

Recommended workaround: If you don’t want to add a reply just to link to some post, I’d recommend editing something like "related: [link]" into the topic or appropriate post (if you’re not a moderator then use the flag to notify one).