Link to data export on S3 does not use CDN URL

When you are using a CDN URL pointing to S3 and create a data export, the link to the export is generated with the S3 URL and hence the download fails.

Please use the CDN URL there as well.

That sounds like the desired behaviour. The file will be downloaded only once and is private so there is no reason that it should be cached by the CDN. Right?

But it breaks if you block direct access to the S3 bucket like we have to do due to company guidelines.

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Also mentioned in

and that last topic explains why this is:

It would be good if there was an option to proxy those downloads through Discourse though, if only to not expose the S3 bucket to the world.

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In my case I would also be ok with using the signed URL but currently it points directly to the S3 HTTPS URL.