Link to headers (anchor links)

Hi all!

Please tell me how to create navigate within a post? link to specific headers?

so that you can refer to them like this -

(I didn’t find it by searching)

Thank you

You mean something like Using Object Storage for Uploads (S3 & Clones)? That should Just Work. Are you running a recent version? (What version is it? Did you do a standard install? Do you have any non-standard plugins?) There was a recent discussion here about someone who was getting those links and didn’t want them.

I have the latest up-to-date version without any third party plugins.

Perhaps I misinterpreted the problem.

There is a post on the forum, for example large

it is split into headings of different sizes (H1-H6)

How can I refer to a specific place inside the post, so that I can share the link with someone, and after the person follows it, he will not be at the beginning of the post, but at the desired title

If it’s a public forum, can you provide a link?

But see 2.7.0.beta6: Automatic Group Avatar Flair, Improved User Education Content, Bookmark Pinning, and more (that’s

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Wow thanks!

“Automatic header anchor links”

this is what I need! I checked on my forum-now all the titles automatically become links, a few days ago I did not know how to do this)

Thank you!

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Does it only work with PUBLIC forums?
Because I have update to the last version (2.7.0.beta6) and the behaviour till don’t appears.
I put the mouse over a header but no link appears.
Perhaps do I have to activate something?
There are private forums.

Did you create the heading with markdown like

  ## my heading

with #, ##, ###
Here is a post example

Did you ever figure this out @Hilario ?

Or does anyone else know how to get those navi links to show up on the right side?

I can’t get the anchor link navigation menu to appear on the right side. The header link functionality works but cant get the links to appear on the right - Is there a setting to enable?

Example topic from my site

The navigation panel is the DiscoTOC - automatic table of contents theme component. :+1:

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Table of contents was a search that just missed me

Thank you