Link User Title to a Group

So you want to link a user title to a group? Great, let’s get started!

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: This is a how-to guide explaining how-to link a user’s title with a group.

:person_tipping_hand: In this example we’re using a user named anonymous, and a group titled Discourse.

  1. Create a group titled Discourse and select a Default title for the group on the group’s Membership page:

  1. Add the user to the Discourse group.

  1. From the user’s admin page, select Discourse as the Primary Group from dropdown:

:information_source: Note that setting a user’s Primary Group also has some additional implications that you may want to consider. See What does selecting “Primary Group” for a user do for further details about this setting.

  1. From the user’s admin page (or the User’s Preferences → Account page), select the group’s Default title as the user’s Title.

From the User’s Admin Page:

From the User’s Preferences → Account page:

  1. Clicking on the user’s title will now take you to discourse group page:


That’s it, you’ve linked the user title to the discourse group. Congratulations! :tada:

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Thanks for the guide :smile:


seems like you can’t make the staff group (or other automatic/system group) a user’s primary group or associate a (clickable) title with it.

now i see why meta has a team group :wink: