LinkedIn integration

Has anyone successfully tied LinkedIn to Discourse? I would like all posts I make to our company’s LinkedIn page to be added to Discourse as a new topic.

If not a direct integration, maybe with something like Zapier?

It appears you can do something with Zapier, as you said. You can try creating a new zap, hook up your LinkedIn account and your Discourse account, and you should be good. I don’t 100% know if there’s any more to it, because I’ve used Zapier to go to Discord multiple times, but never Discourse. I will say though, if you get it to work, it’s very reliable. I recommend to play around with it, and eventually something will hatch. Good luck :slight_smile:

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hm…it seems no events are available for LinkedIn in Zapier. That may not work

You can maybe try I’m not sure if they have discourse, but you can take a look.

You can also try this.