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this is amazing! can’t wait for the 2.0 stable release to finally use that!


If not implemented, I suggest another feature: Add a unique css class to every “linkified” link.

  1. That way the link CSS can be styled in a less intrusive and yet outstanding manner, especially when using those for affiliate links. That way one can automatically add a a disclosure not that it’s a reflink.

  2. Maybe in the future you can add the feature to put links in categories, each category with its own CSS class.

I am excited about this!

(Sam Saffron) #29

This is already implemented :relaxed:

(Jeremy M) #30

One think that would be a nice addition, if possible, is to only linkify the first word in a post instead of each instance. For instance this post:

If the poster happens to use that word multiple times (not their fault) in their post, then it’s littered with links.

Another feature would be to restrict this from certain categories? Not sure if possible…

  1. Is there any way to edit previously added links? I only see a way to remove and re-add them…
  2. How can I set up links to open in new tab?

(Southpaw) #32

Has there been any further thought on this pain point?

I’d like to illustrate with something (stupid) I did today.

I added one link to my list.
I scrolled up the page and clicked the green arrow to save the newly-edited list.

I waited, and I waited…
I’ve had some trouble with my mouse lately, so I thought, perhaps I only thought I had clicked that green arrow.
So I clicked it again… (you see where I’m going already, dontcha?)
Just as I clicked that second time, the first click processed and the green arrow went away. In its place appeared the “reset” button, which registered my second click.

Just like that, my entire list of links was gone, :scream_cat: and best I could tell, they had to be added back one by one.

And yes, before you say it, @codinghorror, I know… we don’t need a new UI, I just need a new mouse.

(Jeff Atwood) #33

That is a bummer :frowning: do you have the list stored anywhere else?

(Southpaw) #34

Yessir. Since my TL3s helped build and continue to contribute to the list, we maintain a table of the linked words and their links as a wiki in the TL3’s “lounge”.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #35

I’ve been bit by this before, this shares the UX of site settings. I for one would be in favor of a “are you sure you want to reset” modal, similar to other non-reversible actions like deleting a user, deleting a draft, deleting a tag, etc.

(Mittineague) #36

I know some don’t like needing another click. But for destructive actions that are not (easily) reversible it makes sense to me. A lot easier than a progress indicator that indicates a need to be patient…

(Jeff Atwood) #37

Makes sense when the setting is LARGE and has LOTS of content in it, so I think it should be conditional not “mindlessly confirm everything all the time”.

(Sam Saffron) #38

We are slotting making this control work better for lists, additionally I will slot adding history for theme settings for 2.1

So sorry you lost the list

Discourse Version 2.1
(Southpaw) #39

It was backed up, so rebuilding it took only half an hour or so. The experience just made me wonder if anything new had happened in this topic. I’m glad it sparked some ideas. :slight_smile:

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #40

Definitely on the top of my list for 2.1

(Chris Malone) #41

Did you figure out how to get outbound links to open in new tab? I have my global set to open all outbound links in new tab. It is functioning on the site. Just not here.

(Jay Pfaffman) #42

The permalinks page seems somewhat similar and it too is fairly painful. It’s impossible to see what values are if they are too long to display.


Yes, fairly easy, found in this fork:

(Chris Malone) #44

Thanks much! It appears to be an easy addition to the code… if you know where to put it and what format. I didn’t. I sure appreciate your response and providing the link. It works exactly as I want it to, now. Cheers!


Is there any way to host + edit the list externally as a workaround? e.g. a hosted txt or CSV file which is updated in the discourse settings automatically?

//EDIT: Also I have an issue with the theme component. When it’s active, new posts cannot be created. After hitting the reply button and typing the first two letters, the tab immediately freezes!

I am running on 2.1.0.beta1

(Sam Saffron) #46

Hmm what web browser is this, what is the exact version? How long is your list?