Linkify words in post



My users reported the issue…I reproduced the issue with Chrome 66.0.3359.181

Issue shows even with default or empty list.


In which section would this be added?


have you checked the link? here is it again:

As you can see, the code was added to common/head_tag.html file right after line 36.

I am having another issue (unrelated to the one above, since I downgraded back to 2.0 stable):

It seems that the ~ character in URLs breaks links generated by linkify.
I tried to escape it like this: \~. but then the output is /~.

Any ideas?


Yeah where exactly is that file to place it? looking thru /var/ I couldnt see anything and not not that experienced with docker.

Under themes, common in the head section I dont seen any file where I can place it after line 36.


just copy the theme component to your own github repo and make the change there.
then you can install the theme from git. check the link in the first post. it’s all documented


Ah makes sense. Thank you!


I was able to resolve the issue myself.

Solution: urlencode the special character(s) or even the whole URL on a site like

So the ~ becomes a %7E in the URL. That way the link will be added in the correct manner.


It seems that linkify is not able to detect phrases e.g. when they are surronded by special characters like brackets (). Anyone have an idea how to fix that?