Links not expanding

Links do not expand at all on my website, except internal links. I tested it on and all links I had on my website that didn’t expand expanded on there.
Is there a setting I should change?

Anyone have a solution? i’ve really been confused and this is the last step to launching.

Hi there,

Did you try to configure the /admin/site_settings/category/onebox site settings? Probably there is some restriction on your site.


Looked at that, couldn’t find anything.
Also sorry for the late response.

There’s this from the Onebox guide:

There may be a couple of other bits in there that might provide some inspiration too? I hope you figure it out. :crossed_fingers:


I figured out if you use the ‘Link’ button on the tool bar, the link will not expand, if you just paste the link in the text area , it works fine.

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