Links to certain categories on wordpress page?

Is there a best method to show a link to certain categories or even posts on a wordpress page? Is it as simple as linking to the URL?

Yep, just visit the post/category you want, and copy/paste the URL from your browser’s address bar :slight_smile:


Hi @david,

If the categories are common for all the users then we can show that categories link in the parent site.

If users have access to private categories, is it possible to provide a link to a user’s respective private category in parent site i.e can we identify user and show him link to his private category in the parent site( with discourse installed at (

Hi @ukankal,
I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the details of the wordpress discourse plugin, but I would guess that it’s probably not possible with the default setting. If it is possible, hopefully someone else will jump in and correct me :slight_smile:

@simon has/is working on that.


The easiest way to do that would be to use a WordPress membership plugin so that users who have access to private categories on Discourse also have access to members-only pages on the WordPress site. Then the links to the private Discourse categories could be added to the private WordPress pages.

If the WordPress site isn’t setup that way, it would still be possible to do it, but it would require some custom code.

I’m working on a plugin that connect the WishList Member WordPress plugin to the WP Discourse plugin. I’ll try to get a basic version of that finished this weekend. I think it would do what you are looking for, but it would require buying the WishList Member plugin. If you’re thinking of doing that, wait a couple of days until I have it finished and can confirm that it does what you’re looking for.


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