List all users from UI; list inactive users


I’ve been searching the Forums but I couldn’t find something that seems a bit basic. Maybe it’s there, but I couldn’t find it, sorry.

Searching for users from the UI, you get a division in categories of users:

Active (which, I take it, means “email activated”)

Where is the option to list all users? This would be the single place where I can go search for an email.

Use case: a non-technical admin at my company gets a GDPR request to cancel out some email across all company channels. So he goes around removing the user, when he gets to Discourse, he needs to search all those lists to ensure the user is not in one of them? Not that they are all exclusive, but you get the point.

I would also find it useful to be able to list Inactived users from the UI. The user might have unsubscribed himself, or requested some other admin to do it, and it would be reassuring to be able to quickly check this.

I tried a few queries from the URL like

but those were all just wild guesses and none of them worked, fair enough.

Is this in there somewhere? If not, can it please be added? Thanks.

If you search the list at /admin/users/list/active with an email address if there’s a match it will still show regardless of user status.



Ok, confirmed, I can see that by searching for one of my deactivated users, both by username and by email, he shows a bit greyed-out, but he shows. This is helpful :tada:

So now my only question is: does this make sense? Showing deactivated users in a list of users who are activated? And making admins think which kind of user they want, when the list shows all kinds anyway?

The list doesn’t show everyone if you scroll through it normally - it’s just that search isn’t limited to the filtered list.

I could see why this might be confusing because the difference isn’t specified.

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Ok, I get it…

I wonder if we could use that text inside the search box, instead of the current

username, email or IP address


username, email or IP address search across all users

But that is quite long and might make things more confusing still.

The only other thing that occurs to me is moving the search box above the sub-menu that restricts users (new, silenced, etc), this would hint that what you type there is more generic.

(in any case the search box should be made a bit wider, imho)