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I was thinking at this today, while looking through the edits made by the community - it would nice to see the list of all people who edited a wiki post. This way you attribute some recognition to them and you can also create responsibility (if people see their name next to a wiki post they may be more careful about what they write in there).

I will also try to create a mock-up about how I see this implemented, but I’m curios to see if there are other people who find this useful?


Don’t laugh, but with what I have available on the machine I’m using now, this is the mockup I can produce :smile: But before my childish doodle, some explanations:

  • the left column is currently used to display the author of a post;
  • on a wiky post, there is more than one author;
  • consistency is good;
  • from all of the above, the best place to display the list of wiki editors is bellow the author thumbnail (maybe expandable and closed by default)


Thank you for posting this feature request! Attribution / recognition for authors of wiki edits is as important as attribution / recognition for authors of comments. For threads with a wiki topic, more often than not editing the first post might bring a value equal to a comment, if not more.

I think the current UI could take this feature without changes, except counting comments + wiki edits. There is no need to make big differences between contributors of comments or edits? Just add the avatar of authors of edits as the authors of comments are added: Plain avatar after “Links” or in “Frequent posters”, with number of (comments + edits) if more than one.


That would be difficult as I can see it… Posts can be changed from wiki to non-wiki and back… All tis accounting will be screwed up.

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Another feature potentially related to @david’s idea of “mini-post” to acknowledge wiki edits just as comments are?