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I am new to Discourse and while researching on a best open source for our enterprise forum, came up with this great product. It is really sleek and packed with so much of enterprise class features. On initial thought, looked like a paid version but upon deep dive, found out that it is truly opensource and can be hosted locally for free. Just want to make sure that it is truly free as a open source has all the features and plugins enabled. Can you please kindly confirm? Also is there a detailed document to install Discourse on my local Linux box?

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Yes as covered in our website:

There is only one version of Discourse – the awesome open source version . There’s no super secret special paid commercial version with better or more complete features. Because Discourse is 100% open source forum software, now and forever, it belongs to you as much as it belongs to us. That’s how community works.

Everything that most communities would want is included out of the box; a giant collection of complex plugins should not be required to have a great experience.

Yes at https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/docs/INSTALL-cloud.md

We also offer enterprise hosting at Discourse Enterprise | Discourse - Civilized Discussion


If you need help with installation and for more information about self-hosting, you might check out Discourse Self-Hosting FAQ – Literate Computing, LLC