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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there was a way to allow for multi-lingual emails to be sent out from Discourse. I am fimiliar with the already-existing localization system, but want to extend that functionality out to the notifications and emails Discourse sends out is what my issue is.

All insight is appreciated!


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It sounds like you are already aware of this under Admin -> Settings -> Basic Setup

allow user locale [default: disabled]
Allow users to choose their own language interface preference

TBH I have not tested to see what might be translated in Discourse emails as a result of this setting being enabled.

As for post text getting translated there is this plugin

@tgxworld would know if the translated content is used in the members emails.

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Yeah from what I have tried, there is no localization of emails sent out. Getting posts translated would be cool, however, do you know what the translation engine utilizes (google translate is terrible)?

EDIT: I checked out the page and saw Microsoft translator is used. I will check it out definitely though!

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The email templates should be being localized, but the content isn’t. There is another topic about this here:

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