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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there was a way to allow for multi-lingual emails to be sent out from Discourse. I am fimiliar with the already-existing localization system, but want to extend that functionality out to the notifications and emails Discourse sends out is what my issue is.

All insight is appreciated!



It sounds like you are already aware of this under Admin → Settings → Basic Setup

allow user locale [default: disabled]
Allow users to choose their own language interface preference

TBH I have not tested to see what might be translated in Discourse emails as a result of this setting being enabled.

As for post text getting translated there is this plugin

@tgxworld would know if the translated content is used in the members emails.

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Yeah from what I have tried, there is no localization of emails sent out. Getting posts translated would be cool, however, do you know what the translation engine utilizes (google translate is terrible)?

EDIT: I checked out the page and saw Microsoft translator is used. I will check it out definitely though!

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The email templates should be being localized, but the content isn’t. There is another topic about this here: