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thanks for the suggestion @Richie

Be sure to raise a Feature Request with this info: Feature Request

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Well this is strange :thinking:

The ability to change a Topic’s location (once set) got removed, apparently by accident (front end code only, backend was still there!), 4 or so years ago (boy, time flies!). What is perhaps more strange is no-one complained about this feature being missing. :zipper_mouth_face:

Good to know people are sure of their Topic Locations at the submission stage!

Here it is back again:


To update a Topics location, simply hit the pencil icon by the title and hit the location to bring up the form.


Hi @merefield ,

thanks a lot for this great plugin and the constant support!

I’m using the plugin with Nominatim as geocoder and get location results in the format <housenumber>, <street>, <neighbourhood>, <suburb>, <city>, <postalcode>, <country>. If I understand correctly, than I can manipulate the output via the setting location user profile format, but I don’t understand how to use it.

My goal is to display the addresses in german standard format as {*street_name*}, {postalcode} {*place*} (or written as <street> <housenumber>, <postalcode> <city> using the variables above).

Can you please guide me how to achieve this (if possible)? Thank you in advance!

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I think there is an incompatibility when using the User Card Directory Theme together with the location user profile map setting enabled. At least for me the toggled mini map isn’t in foreground in the user directory and overlaid by the card below:

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785 and still going strong :smiley:

This :point_up:t2:


Yeah not compatible. Follow plugin doesn’t work with this TC either. Don’t mix them. It’s a fundamental issue and will likely never be resolved.

This is because the Plugins use a plugin outlet on the user card and in that TC it is rather oddly repeating the outlet several times over which I believe is totally confusing Ember. So actually I believe the issue is with the TC not the plugins as it is breaking the outlets.




Did you figure this out?

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User Card based directory breaks the Ember plugin outlet on the User Card. You need to raise it with that component owner.

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I’m just trying to get the user location displayed under user posts, is that working?

User posts? Or User Cards?

Posts, I’m not bothered about cards, is that possible?

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No, we only support Topic level and User locations at present.

Ok that’s unfortunate! My community are very keen on know where people are posting from.

I can’t seem to get it working for user cards either, is that working ok?


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It’s not automated (partly for privacy reasons). A user must explicitly set their location in their profile. They have discretion over what location is picked and therefore where they appear to be.

If you want something more elaborate, we’re probably talking a funded project to implement that #marketplace

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Ok thanks, I’ll give that some thought and get back to you, would you be able to display location (of user) below user name on posts for a funded project?

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So it’s no Follow plugin and User Card Directory TC for me if I use this Locations plugin, huh? Kind of a bummer, would be great to use all three. What’s the issue, why is the Locations plugin conflicting with them?

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Only User Card directory that I’m aware of but incompatibility can and does happen.

For example: someone can override a monolithic template and forget to retain a plugin outlet. We can’t guard against someone doing that. Although the big plugin makers (us, Discourse) are usually very careful not to do that.


Are there efforts to make this plugin an official one?

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There is an issue with the latest update.Comparing 83a6ad32...fc0da499 · discourse/discourse · GitHub
Thank you! :slight_smile: