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Yes, I have that setting enabled. It shows up like this:

Here are my installed plugins in this sandbox:

I can’t seem to figure out why its not showing - is it another setting that may be conflicting?

(Angus McLeod) #82

The filter only shows up in the category in which locations are enabled. From the screenshot you seem to be looking at the base discovery route. Check the category in which locations are enabled.


Thanks Angus- the plugin is great work. We just started testing the plugin in our restaurant discussion forum, so we thank you for the work put into the plugin.

A few usability feedback after a few days using the plugin:

  • If the mapping providers allow it, its more natural and faster to enter addresses the way its entered in e.g. Google Map, in one field.
  • If a user enters the location and its mapped, the user leaves the post saved as a draft and comes back later, the location is not saved along with the rest of the post in the draft.
  • Nothing to do with you. When we use Mapzen as a provider, the mapping happens sometimes only when the address is entered very precisely, and doesn’t allow for slight deviations from the ‘perfect’ address. e.g. E Main St may not work, but E. Main Street may.

(Angus McLeod) #84

Thanks for the feedback.

Could you expand on this a bit more? The default input is a single input field “Address” (You can have specific inputs - street, postcode, city, country - if you use the “location input fields” settings). The name is optional. The reason there’s an optional name field is that sometimes locations have a name that is specific to a particular group or community, e.g. “Angus’ House”. But you can just leave it blank.

Perhaps you’re saying having the optional name box there is confusing? Maybe it could be toggled with a setting.

Yes, this is an issue. I’ll take a look next week.

Yes, you’re right. Slight changes in formatting can affect searches with any of the providers. We’ve been spoiled a bit by Google in that respect. I wonder if there are some tweaks we can make here.

I’ve sent the attached email to the Mapzen Search team asking for their advice. Let’s see what they say :slight_smile:

McLeod Mail - Advice on improving a Mapzen integration.pdf (140.6 KB)


Ah! I did not realize that there was an option to not have to enter into separate input fields (and that I turned it on somehow). below was what i was writing about, which I thought switching between windows a couple of times to copy and paste portions of an address was a bit clunky, but you are way ahead of me and already have a solution.

For us, the optional name is probably not needed as the default option of pulling in the title of the discussion is more than sufficient.

Yes indeed Google and other more popular map providers spoiled us. I will continue to test other providers to see if there are any that seem to work better, perhaps outside of AU and in other countries like the US.

Thanks again for the plugin.

(Jay Pfaffman) #86

I’m not getting api submissions to work. The location isn’t showing up in the post.

Before I poke at it much longer, this should still work, right?

(Angus McLeod) #87

Yup, just tested it then and it’s working as expected (sandbox topic I just created via api).

I use Postman to generate curl requests, which does the formatting for you. The config for the example topic I just posted looks like this:

(Angus McLeod) #88

Added the setting location_map_filter_closed. When this is turned on closed topics will not appear on the map topic list.

Events Plugin :calendar:
(Angus McLeod) #89

@Stephan_Eich As discussed, I’ve added coordinates as a new option for location input fields.


To use input fields instead of the default location search make sure the location input fields enabled setting is turned on.

The coordinates option for location input fields adds latitude and longitude as input fields to the Add Location modal.

Please Note

I have not yet added reverse geocoding to this plugin.

When you enter a latitude and longitude, the plugin will not lookup the associated address using the linked geocoding provider’s reverse geocoding service. It will use the latitude and longitude directly to plot the topic location on the map.

Consequently, if you have the coordinates input field enabled, geocoding is automatically disabled. The values you enter into the other input fields (e.g. Number and Street, Postalcode etc) will be stored as strings and will not be used in a geocoding lookup.

I may add true reverse geocoding later, but this interim solution allows you to associate arbitrary Lat/Lon with a topic via the UI (in addition to the via the API).

@Stephan_Eich There may be some UI issues to iron out with the location labels, let me know how it goes.

(Angus McLeod) #90

@ckshen I got a response from Mapzen. The part relevant to fuzzy search functionality being:

There is some development work going on right now with the Mapzen Search API that should improve the experience with these kinds of queries. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do on your side to tune this behavior.


Echo’ing @meglio’s comment- Should the map zoom out a few notches by default? I found the default zoom setting to be too zoomed in. Thanks!

(Anton) #92

Is this a per-category setting? :slight_smile:
Many thanks for your prompt replies!

(Angus McLeod) #93

I’ve added a setting that allows you to set the marker zoom level: location_map_marker_zoom.

The default is 16, which is 3 levels higher than what you’re seeing in that screenshot.

cc @meglio

(Angus McLeod) #94

I should probably put a note on my computer somewhere :wink:

Added. The site-wide setting is still there as well.

As usual, you can find the category-specific version in Settings > General.

(James Kirslis) #95

An idea I have, based on a forum I’m planning to setup… is to allow newer locations in an existing topic, but only to show the newest location in said topics on the map. Custom map icons would be appreciated as well. Reason I’m suggesting this is due to it’d help people, like me, who want to use locations for the purpose of tracking vs the use for stuff like places and events.

(Angus McLeod) #96

Do you mean allow multiple locations in a single topic and show the most recent one?

Sure, I’ll take a look at that.

Could you explain what you mean here a bit more?

(James Kirslis) #97

Yes, that’s what I mean. That’d allow the use to track the current location of what’s in the original post of the topic.

(xiasummer) #98

Hi, Very Great Job.

A small suggestion

I feel the location is too long

If I don’t choose the suggested location on the map, it will not show on the map. But if we choose the suggested location, then the address line will be too long.

Can we just show the nick name of the location?


(Angus McLeod) #99

Hey. The best solution to this issue is to use a different geolocation provider. I suggest mapzen.

For the background on this, please see:

(Anton) #100

Markers collapse too early, as a result:

  1. The map looks empty, even though it is not
  2. Navigating the map takes too many zoom in/out operations

Would it be possible to have a setting which dictates this behaviour?

Also, would it be possible to add a little bit of logic to how topic titles are displayed? A rectangular area would read much better than long one-liners.