Login from another user database

I’m new to discourse,

Is it possible validate the login process by customized database information?

I have an original service with login/logout mechanism,

now I want to create a forum by discourse, and login/logout from the original service’s user database

or what’s the keyword to search in discourse forum


You want to look for “SSO”.

Thanks! I’ll search it


Can I just access to the DB for user authentication, not through the SSO in discourse?

I have no idea if this take a large effort or not.

Is there any example?


If you’re asking what I think you’re asking, the answer is “no”.


You’d need to implement OAuth2 on your own system, then use:

Hi @Tom_Newsom

I don’t know which one is a better choice: CAS or OAuth or others

As I know, OAuth can separate the resource permission and CAS can only check if login

Currently there is not so many resource to separate for OAuth, and seems CAS is simpler than OAuth (Is this correct?)

But if there is lots of resource in the future, I may need OAuth rather than CAS

What do you think?


Well now we’re out of my comfort zone. I can’t help you here I’m afraid!