Login on discourse using mastodon credentials

Is there any way to integrate mastodon login on disocurse? If yes then how can I do that.

Doesnt look like it is possible at the moment but there has been discussion on it here:

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  1. Install this plugin to enable OAuth2

  2. Create a Application on Mastodon

Application name: Discourse Login
Application website:https://<YOUR_DISCOURSE>/auth/oauth2_basic/callback
Redirect URI: https://<YOUR_DISCOURSE>/auth/oauth2_basic/callback

  1. Setup OAuth2 Plugin on Discourse

oauth2 client id: Your Mastodon App Client key
oauth2 client secret: Your Mastodon App Client secret
oauth2 authorize url: https://<YOUR_MASTODON>/oauth/authorize
oauth2 token url: https://<YOUR_MASTODON>/oauth/token
oauth2 user json url: https://<YOUR_MASTODON>/api/v1/accounts/verify_credentials
oauth2 json user id path: id
oauth2 json username path: username
oauth2 json name path: display_name
oauth2 json avatar path: avatar

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