Login w/ Discourse w/o SSO?

Hello! I was trying to have a way where users login with Discourse without using the SSO plugin. I’m wondering if it would be possible since I’m not using the Discourse SSO but, you can log in to the Discourse iOS app almost as if it were OAuth.

I guess my question is - how could I have an external site where it redirects them to Discourse, asks for a prompt, and then returns to that other site? I tried searching but, I might have just not understood what this would be called exactly. I’m planning on using PHP if you have any good resources!

I’m not clear why not use sso.

You could use DiscourseConnect - Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso) and check out the WP Discourse plugin installation and setup as a reference for developing php code to connect to it.


Well, I guess I might not be understanding how Discourse SSO would work. I want users signing in via OAuth (Discord & Google) but, I wasn’t sure if I could still do that with Discourse SSO.

Discourse can use all of those and your app can log in against discourse.

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Oh thank you! I just was confused on what Discourse SSO meant - I’m sure there’s a nice PHP library to initiate an SSO login so I can get the user’s discourse info.

Edit: Yeah, I guess reading through I don’t understand how or what I’d need to setup on the PHP side in order to integrate with Discourse. I’ll keep searching around here to see if there’s a post about it.

Edit 2: This looks promising: Using Discourse as an identity provider (SSO, DiscourseConnect)

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