Long wait while updating?

Hello, I like the Discourse system, it wouldn’t have been like this long ago, but now when I say update the system, it says it is updating in the update section, but it does not do anything, I wait for hours because it starts to update, but the update does not start. why does it do this?

As in the screenshot below, it waits and does nothing.

Try logging in the the server and doing

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

Sometimes if you refresh that page you will see the logs which should already be visible. Sometimes you’ll see that indeed you need to do a command line update. (git pull is usually done after the cd and before the rebuild, to get an uptodate launcher script.)

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Thanks for your help, I did it with the commands you gave, the process is finished, but now when entering the site, it says 502 Bad Gateway, I wonder why it does this?

Ok now thank you very much.

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I guess you waited another 63 seconds and the 502 went away? It takes rails a bit more time to start up than it does nginx.


Yes, I was afraid for a moment, that there was a problem, but good luck, thank you very much


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