Looking for examples of some nice customizations (I want my community look pretty;))

Hi all!

I’m looking for some examples of Discourse customization (I mean here the design style, graphics, etc.). I will appreciate any example!

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You should take a look to our #theme category and see how other Discourse sites have been customized.

For example


Thanks a lot! Your examples really helped.


I personally like what Feverbee has done - really need to figure out / collaborate with someone on putting some of these things into action!


I’ve found the design that I like:

I’m looking how to upload the theme

  • where can I get the source files?
  • any tutorial to guide me step by step to modification the layout for example the top menu?


It’s not exactly modest, but I’m only posting here because it might be useful to someone. As ideas for implementation.


We experiment every day, and we do not have ready-made solutions that can be painlessly applied on some site. Any changes we make are at our own risk.

I think this could be an example of what Discourse allows you to do.


The link above doesn’t have a nofollow tag. Published about it here.


If you are sufficient trust level your links will be followed, this is by design.

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