Looking for Ruby-based CMS recommendations as a compliment to Discourse

We’re looking to build out some other parts of our site and transform what is currently a landing page into a more robust and full-featured destination. I would love to stay within the Ruby world and even better would be a tested Docker setup.

To reiterate:

  • Ruby-based
  • Docker preferred
  • Extensible to play nice with Discourse

Right now I’m looking at the leader from back when I was up on these sort of things, Refinery CMS. I’m thinking there may be better options out there or something that has already see a use case I could look to.

Any suggestions?

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I didnot find any good ruby CMS. Why not just use wordpress?

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Wordpress is an option, yes. It just felt pretty bloated for my needs.

True enough, but like it or not, it’s the Discourse of CMSs. :slight_smile:

maybe https://ghost.org/ ?

example: https://blog.codinghorror.com/

I keep looking at it :confused:

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Have you heard about Modx ? It is a super flexible CMF ( php/mysql based ). You can take any html template, place some tag, and your up and running.

You can easily integrate Discourse with Embedding system with a chunk:

Hum… I have to disagree :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes it is super popular ( can’t argue with that), but in terms of security and performance… I’ll pass.

I can’t tell you how many of my clients got their website hack because they’ve downloaded free plugins (poorly coded, or including some backdoor ) :sob::sob::sob:

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I hate wordpress as much as the next guy, but you can’t hold it responsible for people installing stupid plugins or not keeping it updated.

It turns out that maintaining a server in the internet is work.

I think that security is a higher priority for the discourse team than Wordpress. Further, Discourse is still hard enough to install (and plugins even harder) that fewer people who have no business deciding what plugins to install are able to do so.