CMS for Discourse

Is there a CMS or CMS-like feature that Discourse recommends for use with its forum? I see posts that recommend WordPress - is there anything else?

My use case is that my forum will host lots of educational content (in the form of guides and tutorials that contain text, gifs and videos). I expect frequent updates to this content and want to know of an easy way to manage the content.

With the wordpress plugin it’s really easy to connect the discourse forum, it’s a great cms, easy to use, it will be a good choice.

BUT, there are some internal solutions that could work

I think of two plugins :

And if you want a category with a presentation that looks a bit like a website, this plugin is really nice


Is there something preventing you managing this kind of content in Discourse posts?

WordPress is a good option if you really need a CMS, but none of the content you’ve mentioned above precludes discourse.


I kind of agree with @Stephen here, it might be easier to try doing everything in Discourse at first if your initial research indicates that should work. Discourse is fairly flexible in what it can do these days.


Great - @Steven, I’ll check out those plugins and get back.

@Stephen/@Jeff - When you say doing everything in Discourse, you mean using the plug ins referenced above? Or simply trying to manage the content without any plugins? Here is the bulk of my use cases:

  1. Uploading new content (text, gifs, pictures, videos)
  2. Updating content on a regular cadence, e.g. after every new product release
  3. Tracking the content updates with revision history
  4. Allowing for QA of new content
    Ideally, there’s a single source where all of our learning content on the forum sits. That way, we can manage the content in a single place rather than going through all the posts to update content for every product release.

This seems pretty easy to do right in Discourse without plugins. I do most all of this over at the Productivity Guild, and it works quite well. I have a few plugins in play, but what you’re asking for likely can be done without.