Looped Themes can't be edited

I have a site that’s got a bunch of themes. For reasons that I cannot explain, they have stuff like

  • Theme A loads Theme B as a child
  • Theme B loads Theme A as a child

I told them that this didn’t make any sense and they said “that’s the only way that I can get it to work.” I shrugged and ignored it.

It seems that now themes that are included as children can’t be selected by users, perhaps?

And now (almost) none of the themes have the selector to remove the child themes:

The new theme that I created does ahve the “theme components” section:

So I don’t see a way to un-do their problem.

We should be hard disallowing “looped” themes, at least in latest. Did they upgrade to latest?

cc @Osama


Yes, I upgraded to latest and then all the themes became inaccessible. And nowI can’t figure out how to make them accessible again. I suppose they could just delete them all and start anew.

And also I can’t get to /badges or the badges on the profile as described here: https://meta.discourse.org/t/trouble-accessing-preferences-after-upgrade-to-discourse-2-1-0-beta4/94253

Yeah maybe start from scratch here, loops are terrible and the old non flat structure allowed for some super pathological states.


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