Lost DNS Name, need to change to a new one

Running a forum for a local nonprofit, the DNS name didn’t get paid for, and got snagged by someone who rerouted it to weight loss supplements =/

So I want to get the forum up and running on a new domain name, but I can’t seem to access the site. I’m going to try just setting the DNS in my local hosts file, that didn’t occur to me until now, and see if I can get to the admin interface.

Any one have any other suggestions? Thanks!

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Very easy if you have ssh access to IP.

Just log in as root, reconfigure and rebuild.

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I do, sorry it’s been a long time since I set it up, reconfigure is a included script?

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Thankyou! I ran discourse-setup as root, and it did lots of things, but at the end when it tried starting discourse, port 80 appeared to already be bound.

/usr/bin/docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint app (5274a3306f48252a89b4fe81103ebe252645b91f15fa205319451aa5bf6c79d7): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: address already in use.
==================== END REBUILD LOG ====================
Failed to rebuild app.

Checking your domain name . . .

And it said failed. I’m wondering if I should have used a different user account instead of root? Or if there’s some process I could kill first?

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root is the correct user usually.

Use the rebuild after directly editing app.yml is my suggestion.

./launcher rebuild app
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Private Message me with the login details and let me quickly help you.

Take it as my contribution to the non-profilt


Site is running on the new domain.

Issue solved.


Massively appreciate this @IAmGav !!!


Hey Gavin, so the nonprofit is a Mycological Association, which you probably could tell. They are very grateful for your help, and they’d love to send you a thankyou gift if you’re into dried morels! If you’ve never had them, they’re extremely yummy(and expensive) gourmet mushrooms. Also, nobody is offended if you’re pretty sure you’re not into it ;p They’re not for everybody

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Thank you for the offer, but I will have to decline. The South African Import Fees are crazy and we cant have nice stuff.

But thank you :slight_smile:

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hahaha, no worries, well if you ever find yourself near Montana in the US, come say hi =) We’ll take you out mushroom hunting if you like

Thankyou so much for everything Gavin!


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