Mail receiver app

Where is the best place to ask about mail receiver topics? Here, or another forum?

Specifically I am after details on what appear to be a pair of port numbers (25 : 25). It’s not clear to me why there are two ports here, not just one for SMTP. I cant find documentation in github.

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Are you talking about Straightforward direct-delivery incoming mail?

The first 25 is the external ip, the second is the ip inside the container.

What problem are you trying to solve?


Thanks. Where is that documented?

Problem - trying to run normal enterprise class Postfix server for mail on same server as Discourse container. I need to have email for other websites, but mail-reciever sits on SMTP port 25.

For lack of other guidance I thought I could attempt to change the mail-receiver SMTP port and use LMTP or something from Postfix to route messages for that domain to that port. But I am rather lost.

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It’s a docker fundamental. Most any “how to use docker” guide covers it, I’d think.

I gave an answer to this question over at Postfix and mail receiver - #5 by pfaffman.