Mailgun "IP ranges are changing for API endpoints and webhooks"

I received the following from Mailgun today. I have the recommended Digital Ocean/Mailgun Discourse setup. Is there anything that I will need to change? Thanks.

IP ranges are changing for API endpoints and webhooks

Mailgun will soon begin migrating its infrastructure from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This transition will be gradual – we will shift an increasing percentage of traffic to the new infrastructure over a several week period. During this transition, additional IPs will be added for both our API endpoints and for origination of the webhooks we post to customers.

What this means for you:
If you are currently restricting outbound connections to our API endpoints to AWS IP addresses, you could possibly see errors or connection timeouts when trying to connect to these new addresses. Likewise, if you utilize webhooks and have restrictions on the originating IPs, you will not receive webhooks for messages processed in a GCP region.

Action needed:
This transition will begin June 6, 2022. If you are utilizing API endpoints or webhook origination, please ensure there are not any firewall or system filtering rules based on IP address.

I think that if you set up a firewall to limit outgoing traffic you’d know, so this should not affect you.


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