Mailing list skips some posts

We come from a Google Groups background and many users still rely on mailing list mode. Some mailing list emails, from the same topic, are not sent. Here is an example for a single user, from the email sent page. Why were #371 and #372 not sent?


  • This is just one example sequence, there are many more skipped emails
  • The user has not muted the topic
  • The user was not the author of the skipped posts
  • There is nothing for this user in the email skipped or bounced pages. The user never visits the forum and the posts were not skipped for “user has been seen recently”.
  • #371 and #372 have not been deleted- nothing unusual about them
  • Nothing in SES logs
  • The user has not blocked any users

A small clue: The skipped emails vary by user. The user above did not receive #371 or #372. Another user received those, but did not receive #369 or #375. A third user has yet a different pattern.

Does the mailing list skip if a user has been seen recently? Or is there a per-user limit?

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We are having exactly the same problem. Has there been any progress looking at this or a solution?


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Our issue was resolved by

Do you have these warnings in your logs?

it is fixed. no anymore…