Make Community Health Dashboard public

A question for the community. We are really excited about the activity our site is generating. Is it possible to publish the community health graphs on a publicly accessible page? I think people would love to see how the site is getting used.


There is no simple way that I’m aware of.

I’d be a little careful here though. If your initial spikes aren’t sustainable and numbers start dropping (which I hope won’t happen, but you never know) will you pull the page? It might make more sense to do an occasional post with a screen shot.


Sound counsel. Thank Hawk

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No worries. Congrats on the awesome numbers. You deserve to be excited. Nice work.


Why not create a topic on your site with the screenshot? Better to discuss as a point in time anyhow.


FWIW, I’d also like this to be public for the two Fedora discourse instances we run. The sites themselves are not our business and we have no particular reason to hide it, and I like things to be transparent wherever possible.

I have occasionally shared screenshots (the year in review plugin will be a good reminder next year!) but it’d be nice to have it just open.

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