Make crawler/anon/logged-in toggle more discoverbale on the dashboard graph

Even though the pageviews for users is in the thousands, they are dwarfed by the number of page views for crawlers. The result is that the graph in the community help section is basically useless because the information I care about the most is too small to see:


An option to exclude the crawlers so I could just see the graph as it relates to anonymous and logged in users would make the graph usable.


Hello and welcome @CubeCoders

I may have just the thing for you. :slight_smile:


Aah that’d do it! It’s not very discoverable though - I’d expect the cursor to change to the hand-pointer for elements that are interactable in the absence of a label.


I think an extra clue that it was an interactive toggle would be good. :+1: I have to shamefully admit that I did not know about it until @merefield pointed it out. :slight_smile:


UX aside, that seems like Too Many Crawlers. Have you looked to see if it’s some particular aggressive one?

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The uptime monitoring solution we use (uptime robot) is identified as a crawler, which is checking the page once per minute. It features dominantly in the statistics.

Indeed it might be nice to have a way to separate out User agents that are part of known non-crawler services that provide other facilities.

Edit: The most prevalent user agent though appears to just be “—” which I’m assuming is “No user agent speciffied” ?

TIL about the toggle! Very nice feature indeed, but not easily discoverable.

Now that I know it, feels like it should survive page reloads: I bet I’ll very often click on it.