Make Summarize more visible and accessible

Maybe next to the yellow button in this panel on mobile?


Yes possibly, but I feel that won’t move the needle much. I dunno, my gut says summarize is not a feature that people really need to be aware of.

Honestly the better solution is not to allow megatopics to ever get created in the first place. :man_shrugging:

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Unavoidable in my context. :man_shrugging:

Exactly how Summarize works? Because in the forum I’m importing, altough most topics are under 20 posts, we have about two dozen that goes over - some with 1k, 1.5k (basicallly, topics about game’s screenshots). But I can’t find this Summarize feature… I’m missing something?

It will appear at the bottom of the OP:

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I find it’s useful outside megatopics too. I occasionally resort to it even for stuff like plugin topics to follow progress.

Ah, how could I have missed that! Thanks! :smile:

Maybe, but the real solution there is for someone to go in and delete all the old, obsolete cruft for everyone’s benefit.

Maybe, that could even be an administrator function for Summarize, or a default view to summarize any part of a topic which is over 30 days old.

People definitely object to their post counts going backwards. Before now I’ve definitely hit problems with posts and topics here on meta being pruned, losing code snippets or other useful things I want to refer back to.


Ok, so I thought I was missing something very obvious, but, looking in one of the topics over 50 posts…

It has something to do with the import from phpbb?

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