Make sure web app link always available

“Do you want to install … on this device?” Is important and should be always available somewhere in the menus. Users just can’t count on trying to find it in the occasional notices.

Okay, I installed the app, or at least that’s what I thought. I can’t seem to find it on my cell phone. Can I please have a chance to install it again? Where’s that link. I want to install it again!

I’ll probably hit the X confident that nothing bad would happen. And now the reminder is gone forever.

Ok…, I found but that couldn’t be the same thing besides it’s got a super low rating.

Okay it finally popped up on my home screen but other users might not be so fortunate, so be sure to have a permanent link on every discussion board for it.

It’s always available on the Chrome 3 dots menu → “Install App”


I’m don’t totally understand why we should show de facto app-ad to every users in navigation, and forever no matter even they don’t want install it.

We have FAQ instead, and that is suitable place tell such things.

So yeah the FAQ might be a good place t9 keep the option to have it installable if one dismisses the option and wishes to install later if not using chrome. Or maybe in one of the user preferences settings.

To me not a big deal though.

in chrome 3 dot menu.

I bet 99% of users never knew that. Maybe that’s a good thing to be sure to mention in future faqs.

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That’s really down to Google though, as it’s their browsers feature.

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