Make your forum more accessible

With the availability of a WCAG compliant color scheme included with all Discourse installations, here are 3 scenarios to utilize it. :tada:

For Site Admins

Existing sites can access the colors by visiting or by selecting them as base palettes when creating a new one from admin > customize > colors . Both a light and dark version are available (they’re the last two options in the list).

If you will not be using them as your site’s default colors, you can also allow users to select these palettes.

When set as user-selectable, individuals can pick their color palette in the interface section of their preferences (


For Theme Creators

If you are interested in making a WCAG compliant color scheme, feel free to use our WCAG color scheme as a base. It could also be beneficial to use the WAVE extension to make sure the colors you have edited remain compliant.

For End Users

If you do not see the WCAG color scheme as an option in your preferences at, ping your site admin and let them know that these are available. Feel free to send them along to this topic for instruction :smile:

For more information on accessibility, read our statement over at Accessibility Statement | Discourse - Civilized Discussion