What are the themes in the Discourse set up wizard?

Could someone list me all of them as I’d like to have all of them on my forum?

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I think that the themes shown on the setup wizard are all based on color schemes that are pre-defined by Discourse. The color schemes are Light, Dark, Neutral, Grey Amber, Shades of Blue, Latte, Summer, and Dark Rose.

If you go to your site’s Admin / Customize / Colors page, you should see all of these color schemes listed. You can create a theme for each of these color schemes. You do not need to edit any HTML to do that. Just select the color palette that you want to use and enable the “Theme can be selected by users” checkbox:



In my Discourse installation, I only have Dark and Light color schemes. I think I deleted all the ones that were not being used.

How can I restore the other color schemes? I want to use the Grey Amber.

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They’re merely available in the wizard, not created by default. You didn’t delete them!

You can copy them out of the source code from here, it may be faster than running through the wizard multiple times:



Thanks for the reply, @riking :slight_smile:

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