Making Amazon Cloundfront SSL with Cloudflare

(Ashish Dung Dung) #1

How did you make your Amazon Cloudfront SSL Work with Cloudflare ?

Setting up HTTPS support with Let's Encrypt
(Tien Nguyen) #2

Hi @ashishdungdung,

Here is my settings:

  • Cloudflare: setting SSL full (strict)
  • Cloudfront SSL using Custom SSL Certificate ( ACM certificate ) :slight_smile:

Good luck!

(Ashish Dung Dung) #3

You mentioned you are using Cloudfront SSl using custom SSL certificate , are you using a paid plan of cloudflare or free plan ?

(Tien Nguyen) #4

Hi @ashishdungdung,

You can get free SSL certificate with AWS Certificate Manager for CloudFront:

(Ashish Dung Dung) #5

Buy the way, have you heard about Cloudflare Origin CA ?

(Tien Nguyen) #6

Sorry, I just hear about it.

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