Making customizing categories in the sidebar more discoverable

I’m finally getting around to figuring out how to customize the navigation on the sidebar. It’s easier and harder than I expected.

Searching settings for “sidebar” doesn’t help.

Under tags on the sidebar, there is a link that says “configure defaults” which searches settings for default_navigation_menu_tags, but there is no such link for categories. After a few minutes, it was “obvious” that I could edit that site setting search to default_navigation_menu and see that there is also a default navigation menu categories setting! From there, it was great!

An easy change would be the have that “configure defaults” link to default_navigation_menu so you can see both tag and category defaults. Another would be to add another “configure defaults” link under the category to link to the category defaults, but I think I prefer the first solution.

Another idea would be to have the pop-up modal on the “Customize this section” at the top either include those settings or link to them.