Mapping Topics to referring pages?

I’m investigating (ab)using Discourse to allow users to ask questions from a call-to-action button on another website. The main issue I’m trying to solve is to find a way retain a link to the sending page so that the post in Discourse can otherwise be referenced from that sending page at a later time through an API call to the search.

I’d like to do this without requiring users to behave correctly to maintain this link between Discourse Topic Page and the Referring page.

The current proposed flow is this: The referring website has a button which opens up our discourse instance with the appropriate Category and Tags passed along. The only way for us to track the specific referring page is to pre-populate a sku (or some other identifier) in the body or topic title.

Is there a better way to approach this? This is all a first stab, but I’d really like to get some additional thoughts on this if anyone had anything ideas.