Markdown Parser Altering Quoted Text

Hey Folks,

I just noticed this while writing a reply on the Keyboard Maestro forum.

Item 2 below is written:

2. It seems that I don't have to specifically exclude background apps (e.g., Dropbox, Hazel, Alfred, etc.). It appears that those continue to run. Is that the expected behavior?

It is clearly prefixed with a “2. ”, but Discourse is changing it to a “1. ”.

Original Text:

Specify exactly what apps are failing to quit.


That is how markdown works. Feel free to read more about it at

This is one of my biggest gripes about Markdown. Put a backslash between the number and the period to disable that.

2001. A year for a *Space Odyssey*

  1. A year for a Space Odyssey

2001\. A year for a *Space Odyssey*

2001. A year for a Space Odyssey